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A Family Practice MD

Dr. Shakir has been practicing internal and family medicine for more than 25 years. Although licensed to practice in North Carolina and Virginia, Dr. Shakir has worked in many Family Practice/urgent care clinics in Michigan as well. He also has been working as a physician at the High Smith Cape Fear Valley Hospital system for more than 3 years.

Furthermore, his long experience in medicine gives Dr. Shakir a unique perspective at treating patients. He believes in listening, treating, and connecting with patients at a humane level. Due to this belief, and due to popular demand, Pura Clinic Primary and Urgent Care were established.

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Building a Healthier Community

Our Journey & Milestones

The Early Days

Pura Clinic Urgent Care was founded by Dr. Shakir and Omar Shakir

Grand Opening
Pura Clinic officially opened its doors to the community offering 3 exam rooms and comprehensive care
First Time Peak
Pura Clinic reached a peak of 30 patients per day
The ground was broken for the expansion of Pura Clinic Urgent Care
The Twain Building
Pura Clinic Urgent Care relocated inside The Twain Building with 4 exam rooms and sufficient parking space for visitors
Breaking Our Own Record
The clinic reached a peak of 54 patients per day
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Serving the people of Fayetteville

Serving the people of Fayetteville, Vander, Stedman, Eastover.
At Pura Clinic Family Medicine, we specialize in the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries for patients of all ages. Patients are seen by our experienced medical staff on a walk-in basis, and are often in and out the door in no time!

We staff our clinic with board-certified family practice providers. Pura Clinic Urgent and Primary Care is a great alternative for people of all ages who do not have a life-threatening condition and can not get a same-day appointment with their doctor, do not have a primary care doctor or are visiting from out of town.

Don’t get stuck waiting at the hospital!

Affordable Emergency Care Office in the Fayetteville, NC area.

  • Pura Clinic Urgent Care could be the convenient choice for you if you don’t have a primary care physician, you want to be seen by a family doctor, you are visiting from out of town, or you just don’t have time to schedule an appointment with a doctor. We accept walk-in patients, no appointment is necessary.

    Need DOT physicals/exams, school physicals, pediatrics care, X-ray, gynecology examination, dermatology, or minor surgery! If you’re feeling a bit under the weather or are having pains that you don’t think are major; an urgent care is the place to go and get checked out.

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Career Opportunities

Want to join our team?

Pura Clinic offers CAREER OPPORTUNITIES for motivated individuals to learn alongside Dr. Shakir with his 25+ years of experience as a family practice doctor. If you want to apply, email your resume to urgentcaremanager@hotmail.com.

Your #1 urgent care in Fayetteville NC

We can help you with any of the following medical issues and more:

  • X-RAY

  • EKG

  • LABS

  • DOT & Work Related Physicals

  • PAP Test
  • Sport physicals for high school students
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