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Care Clinic Fayetteville NC

Newborn & Infant care
PAP Test
Wellness Exam
Annual physicals
Routine services
Ear irrigation for wax build-up

Walk In Clinic Fayetteville

Repetitive Motion Injuries
Splinting & Sport Injuries
Preventative & routine services
Sprains, strains, and bruises

DOT In Fayetteville NC

Mono Test
Influenza Test A & B
Strep Throat Test
Blood Sugar Test
HIV/STI Testing
Tetanus Shot
Allergy Tests

Fayetteville Family Doctors

Abscess Incision & Drainage
Wound Care
Foreign Body Removal
Skin Tag Removal
Excision of Skin Tags & Warts
Cryo-therapy(freezing) of warts

Work Related Physicals

Pre-employment & Daycare Physicals
Eye Injury & Screening Exams
Minor Burns
DOT Physicals
School Physicals
Wellness Exams
Laceration Repair